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Inbound Call Center from boxpbx

Our comprehensive inbound call center solution designed specifically for small to medium-sized call centers.

About The Service

An inbound call center is a vital application that allows businesses to efficiently handle incoming customer calls. Our feature-rich solution equips you with the necessary tools to streamline your operations and deliver exceptional customer experiences.

With our application, you can effortlessly manage a team of agents, supervisors, and call queues, ensuring calls are routed to the right person at the right time. Empower your agents with the ability to handle customer inquiries, provide support, and resolve issues promptly. Supervisors gain real-time insights, monitoring and coaching capabilities to optimize performance.

Our call center reports provide valuable analytics, enabling you to track key metrics, measure call volumes, and assess agent productivity.

Main Features


Call Announcement

Custom Hold Music

a computerized phone system that interacts with callers through recorded messages and keypad inputs. When you call a company and hear a menu asking you to "press 1 for sales, press 2 for support," that's the IVR system at work. It helps route calls to the right department or agent based on the caller's selection

The agent will be presented with a pre-recorded message and prompted to press 1 to accept the call.
Custom Hold Music: Each queue can have its own message or announcement

Each queue can have its own message or announcement

When prompted, the caller has the option to call back their Caller ID number or enter a new number if they wish to remain in the queue without loosing their position

Queue Call-Back

Keep track of some important numbers that tell us how many callers are waiting, how long they usually wait, and how long it takes to help them. We also look at the service level percentage, which tells us how well we're doing in answering calls on time. The abandon rate percentage shows us how many callers give up and hang up before we can help them

Real-Time Queue Stats

Skills-Based Routing

Callers can choose a specific option based on what they need. By picking the right option, they will be directed to a queue that matches their selection. For instance, if someone wants to speak in a specific language, we can send them to a special group of agents who are fluent in that language and prioritize their calls. This ensures that callers are connected with the most suitable agents who can assist them effectively.

Unlimited Call Queues

Create and use as many queues as needed by your specific requirements


Agent Queue Status

Call Announcement

Call History

Custom Queue Hold Music

Queue Call Back

Real-Time Queue Stats

Skills Based-Routing

Unlimited Call Queues

Wait Time Announcement

$9.99 per user per month

with USA Calling Included at $0.02Min

we are boxpbx

and there's much, much more!

🔸 Unlimited Auto Attendants
🔸 Create Text-to-Speech Announcements
🔸 Web Portal to Manage Your Phone System
🔸 Unlimited SMS
🔸 Voicemail to email

🔸 Team Chat
🔸 Video meetings with screen share
 🔸 Stats
 🔸 Unlimited queues/hunt Groups
🔸 iOS and Android Mobile App

Virtual HD Meetings

As part of an included in both our Business Phone System and Inbound Call Center offerings, enjoy HD High Quality Video Conferencing and Collaboration


Main Features

Video Conferencing



Meeting Recordings

Join On the Go

Share Content

Share Content Chat

Meeting Collaboration

Screen Sharing

Application Sharing

Choose Browser Window to Share

Document Sharing

Edit Files in Real-time

Pause & Resume Screen Sharing

Broadcast Message – Group Chat

Instant 1:1 Chat

Personal Meeting Room

Advanced Host Controls & Scheduling

User Management

Assign Presenter

Send a Message to Meeting Attendees

Mute/Unmute Meeting Participants

Remove Meeting Participants

Lock Meeting

Lock Screen Share

Require Wait for Host

One-Click Scheduling

Optional Automatic Meeting Recurrence

Reminder Setting Through Email Scheduling

Additional A-la-carte Pricing

Call Recording

USA Numbers

Toll-Free Numbers


E911 Number Registration (per location)

Inbound Enchanced Caller ID

LNP (Number Porting)

E911 Recovery Fee

LNP per Number

CNAM (Business Name Entry in National DB)

100 Hrs / 45 Days

500 Hrs / 90 Days









$14 One-time

$14 One-time

$6 One-time

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