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  • Carlos Lahrssen

Professionally Handle Business Calls: Unpacking Auto Attendant and IVR for your Business

Updated: Jul 14, 2023

You've probably encountered the phrases "Press 1 for Sales" or "Press 2 for Support" when calling a company. This is not a human guiding you; it's a technology known as an Auto Attendant or Interactive Voice Response (IVR). Small to medium businesses can harness these technologies to streamline communication and enhance customer service.

So, what exactly is an Auto Attendant? Think of it as your virtual receptionist. It answers incoming calls, routes them to the appropriate department or person, and provides basic information like business hours. This helps manage the flow of calls, ensuring no call goes unanswered, which is crucial for businesses.

IVR, on the other hand, is like an advanced version of an Auto Attendant. IVR not only routes calls but can interact with callers, gather information, and perform complex tasks like handling payments or checking account balances.

Here are three instances where your business can greatly benefit from these features:

1. **Reduced Waiting Times**: Auto Attendants and IVR can help manage high volumes of calls during peak times, thus reducing the waiting times for your customers. They can provide immediate responses or route calls efficiently, creating a seamless customer experience.

2. **24/7 Availability**: With an Auto Attendant, your business becomes accessible 24/7. Even after business hours, the system can provide relevant information or take messages. This means customers can get the help they need whenever they call.

3. **Improved Professional Image**: An Auto Attendant can lend your business a professional image. Regardless of the size of your business, having an automated system in place gives the impression of a large, well-run organization.

When it comes to choosing a provider for these services, stands out. As a hosted service provider, BoxPBX offers a robust suite of features that extend beyond just an Auto Attendant or IVR. With its intuitive interface and 24/7 support, setting up and maintaining your automated system becomes hassle-free.

BoxPBX provides you with the flexibility to customize your Auto Attendant or IVR. You can create multiple menus, depending on the time of day or the caller's location, enhancing your customers' journey. Plus, you get detailed analytics, helping you understand your callers' behavior and needs better.

Furthermore, BoxPBX ensures your business is never truly 'closed.' Its voicemail-to-email feature ensures that you never miss a message, even if it arrives after hours. This allows you to respond promptly, enhancing your customer service.

In summary, an Auto Attendant and IVR are excellent ways to manage incoming customer calls, improve customer service, and give your business a professional image. Whether you're a small business looking to grow or a medium business seeking to streamline communication, has you covered with its comprehensive suite of features. Embrace the future of communication with BoxPBX!

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